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  • Drag and drop attentive modules
  • Easy to set up templates
  • CTP, CTF and direct print ready
  • Uses single independent page Postscript files to impose
  • Future proof graphic applications
  • Economical!

ImpOset works ONLY in postscript enviroments so imposed pages must be either EPS or PS, Mac or PC generated from ANY application on either platform. PDFs can be printed to PS file OR EPSs created from Acrobat or Ghostscript. NO translators are used so this system should work with future versions of graphic software.

ImpOset incorporates three major modules -

1. Signature Template creator
2. Publication Signature Template creator based on a Signature Template
3. Imposition using the signature OR publication templates.

The Launcher allows setting of printer style and previewer preferences, as well as predefined plate sizes for CTP output. It can also open text or RTF formatted files for editing.

System Requirements

Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP
128mb RAM
400mb Disk space if tutorials loaded else 60mb
1024 x 768 screen

Signature Template

  • Drag and drop pages from explorer
  • Easy to set up layout
  • Crop Marks are Automatically added on imposition
  • Easy selection of colour bars & grip edges for CTP
  • Creates Signature Templates OR final imposition Templates
  • Double Click a page to bring up a properties dialog for that page
  • Can directly launch imposition when completed

This is where you design your signature layout.
There are standard predefined versions in the layout dropdown box for selection or you can simply start from scratch and use the adhoc version - nominating the number of rows and columns. The layout must be asymetrical. Colour bars can be selected as well as the grip side. There can be up to 24 'sheets' in the signature.
The screen grab above shows a 16 page signature with 8 pages shown. The other 8 pages, being the reverse of this side, are in the following page of the template.This signature is designed to be used in the publication creator, where you select the signature templates that suit and then order the pages of the document which the publication creator will use to create a NEW complete template for imposing.

  Publication Template
  • Drag and drop pages from explorer
  • Drag and drop pages or templates from the inbuilt Explorer
  • Hot buttons for the template and home directories
  • Drag and Drop pages or templates within the lists
  • Sequence, duplicate and/or missing pages detector
  • Autofill templates
  • Three binding styles - saddle, perfect and cut & stack
  • Global page size and centering
  • Directly launches imposition when completed

The Publication Creator is designed for large paged documents that are too complex for manually setting up in the template creator.

As can be seen from the above grab, templates of various descriptions can be in the template list with the pages of the document, in order, in the publication page list. After selecting the type of binding and setting the document page size in the globals, just press impose!
Each page in the Page List can be individually changed by double clicking the page and changing the page properties.

  Imposition Output
  • Drag and drop pages from explorer onto the launcher
  • Predefined Destinations can be hot directories or Print Devices
  • Directly accesses PPDs
  • Inbuilt CTP plate sizes, grips and grip edge
  • On the fly Custom plate
  • Auto colour separation detection (if using PS files)
  • Manual selection of colour separations per section
  • Control Screen Ruling & maximum page bleed
  • Proof template to laser printer
  • Direct output to Acrobat Distiller (V4 onwards) if installed
  • Inbuilt access to GhostScript Level 3 Viewer
  • Auto hold from RIP until previewed (hot folders ONLY)

This module actually outputs the imposition based on the template nominated.

The source can be selected OR auto selected when launched from the Signature Template or Publications Template creators.

To output directly to a device, it MUST be postscript or you can create a PDF using distiller or Ghostscipt and then output from Acrobat to ANY printer device.


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