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Create PDFs to print production standards

Setting up Distiller to produce production quality PDF's

Read, understand AND IMPLEMENT EACH of the following, to produce PDFs to Frontier Standards. NO OTHER METHOD OR VERSION WORKS AS CONSISTENTLY.

[Bullet] 1. MUST USE our job options setups V3.x V4.x V5.x V6.x (jobs options for PC) or (job options for MAC). Follow the included instuctions for each version.
[Bullet] 2. ONLY use Distiller to produce PDF's DO NOT USE Pdfwriters (drivers) as they produce inconsistent results.
[Bullet] 3. ALWAYS produce crops & rego marks and ensure they are CMYK or registration colour - Centre Image on media!
[Bullet] 4. For CMYK colour, supply as composite colour whilst for SPOT COLOURS, supply as separations

Download QuarkXpress Kit (PC) or (MAC).

Download Indesign Kit (PC) or (MAC).

This PDF will give further details of setting up quarkXpress (v3.32 & v4.11) AND distiller to produce PDFs

For those users without access to Acrobat Distiller, you could try using this Shareware PDF creator.





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